How do I import tracks from Logic?

I’m using OS X Snow Leopard. (I installed Lion, but reverted because of my love for Ardour :slight_smile:

I have a huge desire for MIDI functionality (can’t wait for A 3.0!). Hydrogen is very cool, and simple, (not to mention it integrates seamlessly with Ardour) but it’s giving me troubles and the dev is slow.

SO, I hate to admit it on these forums but I’m using a “borrowed” version of Logic to program MIDI drums. Now that I have what I want, I’d like to stick them in Ardour.

Here’s my idea: In logic you can separate a MIDI track into notes. E.g., I can take my midi track containing kick, snare, and high-hat, and then - with one click - separate them into 3 MIDI tracks (kck, sn, hh). I plan to put a jackosx insert/plugin thing on each track, route appropriately to Ardour, hit record in Ardour, and then Play in Logic. I want to have separate tracks for the drum sounds so that I have more control with mixing in Ardour.

Here’s my question: is there a better way to do this? I assume this might be taxing on my computer’s resources if I’m doing a lot of tracks.

I have been unsuccessful in time-syncing Ardour and Logic, which would be handy if someone knows how to do. It would be handy because I can make changes to the MIDI after working on the project for a while with my other recorded tracks. If I convert the MIDI to audio and import, changes become painstaking. I much prefer recording audio in Ardour because mixing is so straightforward compared to Logic which has way more bells and whistles than I want. In other words, I want to work in Ardour on the music, not Logic. As a side-note, I consider this a great virtue of Ardour: it’s pretty intuitive out of the box - powerful once you learn more, but not a steep learning curve.

There is also an option of bouncing MIDI to audio within the Logic project. I could then attempt to import those into Ardour, and I’m thinking this could make alignment with time divisions more accurate.

So, if any experienced DAWers have suggestions, please let me know.

I’m not super familiar with Logic, but you want to export your midi tracks from Logic as .mid files. The you can drag and drop them into Ardour 3 as midi tracks.

If using Ardour 2, you will need to export your midi as audio. They way you describe would work, in theory, however I would think it would be better to do the midi to audio processing in Logic and then import the audio to Ardour as clips.

Yes, I’m on OS X so I’m using A2

Thanks for the input