How do I import the video in ardour on windows 10?

I am running ardour5 on Windows10. Then I open a MP4 video and it says “File-info can not be read. Mos likely ‘C:\xx\xx.mp4’ is not a valid video-file or an unsupported video codec or format.”

How can I fix it ?

Can you try with a test-video: (save-as) ?

If that test-video works, then the mp4 on your disk likely uses some codec that is not supported. If the test video also does not work… maybe a setup error.
Did you opt out of installing the video-tools in the Ardour installer? Is this Ardour 5.0.0 ? On a non-english locale system?

I change all Chinese characters on directories and file names into English words, then the importing works. Thanks.

And I have installed Ardour 5.3.0 on Windows.

But I can import video including non-English character in its name into Ardour 5.3.0 on Kxstudio(Ubuntu) plaform. Interesting.

That’s a good clue thanks.

On Linux and OSX all characters are UTF-8. On Windows it probably ISO or UTF-16 or something else. I can imagine conversion to UTF-8 (Ardour internal, video-server) goes wrong somewhere. I’ll see if I can get holds on a test-system to investigate.

While Ardour is displaying a video (video server runs) can you check in a web-browser http://localhost:1554/index if you can browse to files with a chinese characters on Win10 ?

I check “http://localhost:1554/index” in the web-browser after importing video in Ardour. The Firefox says: “File not found.” and the IE says: “Your client does not accept any files that this server can produce. “