How do I import templates from .tar.xz?

I have made a couple of templates on my laptop, that I want to import into Ardour on another computer.
They were exported (I believe) as a file with the suffix “.tar.xz” by clicking the “Export all” button in the Manage Templates window.
I have saved that file to the desctop of the other computer, and I can see the file in the new Manage Templates window, but when I select it and click “Import” nothing happens.
How can I solve this?

What OS? On Windows WinZip can unarchive tar.xz, on linux use the tar program:
tar -xJf
where you replace with whatever the full file name is. That will extract the files into the current directory by default, so it may be easier to move the xz file where you want the extracted files to be first.
I would assume that you can get tar on Mac OS, but I don’t know for sure, or what a graphical equivalent to WinZip would be on Mac OS.

Menu > Window > Templates > Import opens a file-browser to select template archives, here.

EDIT: perhaps move the “manage template” window. the file-browser may hide behind? I just tested Ardour 5.12 on Windows7:

Mac OS unfortunately. I can “kind of” expand them with the built-in “zip” utility, but they just get another suffix and stay unreadable.

Yes, I think I will need to work out how to expand the archives with my mac os first though.

on Windows track templates are stored in %localappdata%\Ardour5\route_templates\, Session-templates in %localappdata%\Ardour5\templates\ (those folders may not exist if you have not created any templates), but that’s where Import un/zips them from/to.

Thanks for the answers. I had to find a temporary work around just now because of time, but I’ll explore it more when I can!