How do I import FLAC into Ardour 2.0 rc1?

I noticed that recent builds should have import support for flac. How do I actually go about importing a flac file. Thanks Danni

Might I add that the standard Session->Add Existing Audio->As Region(s) does not show any flac files in that dialog.

I am running the current svn revision on Kubuntu Edgy… Do the files have to be at the same sample rate? Are there any settings I have to change?

They have support for FLAC in the code. This doesn’t necessarily translate to support for FLAC in the binary. That depends on whether you have the FLAC libs (and development stuff) installed when you build Ardour. Moreover, the FLAC people have recently made our life much harder - they changed their API, which means that if you install the latest FLAC libs, it will cause Ardour’s compile to fail.

If you want FLAC support, just be sure to have installed libflac and libflac-devel (might be called flac and flac-devel or flac-dev or who knows what) on your machine before you build Ardour. We should make this more clear in the build instructions.

I rebuilt clean and as far as I can see libFlac is being linked to…
I have worked with sndlib and flac myself (haven’t updated in a while)… so i am assuming that workable versions of these are in the system.
greping ardourvst and the libs shows flac symbols inside those files - so it seems that flac support should have been built in.