How do I get rid of the VBAP Panner?

I put a GRM delays plugin onto a track and it suddenly changed to the new VBAP panning thing - I can;t seem to find a way to revert to good old fashioned stereo. Any help very much appreciated!

So it seems like the plugin has more than 2 audio outputs.

Now it depends what you want/need.

If you only want the first two, the easiest is likely to enable “strict-i/o” for the track (context menu of the mixer-strip header). When enabled, a plugin cannot add/remove ports and a mono track will remain mono, or stereo track remain stereo, regardless of the plugin’s I/O.

Alternatively you have to manually remove output ports after removing the plugin:

If you want to keep the plugin you could use plugin pin connections – or just bypass the panner and use all outputs.

Hey Robin - thanks for this. Yeah I did think it was something to do with the number of pins which brought the thing up - and ‘strict i/o’ has reverted the track to a standard panner! The routing in Ardour is pretty mind-boggling at times…

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