How do I get rid of old recording wav files in the session directory?

I recorded a bit of guitar and mic on a session but then deleted them. Now my directory is stuck with a couple of large wav files that aren’t being used. Worse, I even deleted the tracks they were recorded with and the wav files are still there taking up > 100MB of space.

If I delete the wav files directly, the session will constantly complain (via dialog box) that it’s missing wav files it’s expecting to see.

How do I get rid of them the right way? What am I not understanding about how ardour works that it’s leaving these artefacts behind?

(There are also big files in the “objects” directory which have indecipherable long hexadecimal file names. What are those and why do I need them?)

Clean up is the thing you are looking for:

If you have screenshots where files are still in use these are not cleaned up. You have to delete the screenshots first. Flushing the waste basket works after restarting Ardour. Or you can delete the files from the dead folder by hand.

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I think you mean snapshots :slight_smile:

Snapshots :wink: