How do I get Ardour to compensate for the delay when using hardware inserts?

The title says it all really…

When I use a hardware insert, the track is noticably delayed - by 1000 samples or so. Is there a way to have Ardour automatically compensate?

I think there’s a way in qjackctl to declare your hardware latency but I never had to do it so I cannot be more specific. Just look in the setup window, you can enter input and output latency (in number of frames). You will have to play with this setting I guess.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I’m using OS X, and consequently Jack OSX, which seems incredibly dumbed down in comparison to qjackctl.

I’ll look into it…

qjackctl is just a GUI frontend to jack, so there’s must be command line jackd options that the GUI is using underneath. I don’t know about OSX, but I would suspect the principle is similar. If you open a shell (OSX being a “unix clone”, you should have a shell system, or more commonly a terminal access) and check the running processes when jack is on, you could get an idea of the jackd command line that the GUI is triggering.

I believe there’s an ‘Artificial Latency’ LADSPA plugin, it’s in the swh-plugins I think. You can use this as an insert on the affected track. Ardour automatically compensates for plugin latency; the Artifical Latency plugin is actually a zero-latency plugin which ‘lies’ about its latency and you can set the amount of latency it reports. If you set this value appropriately it might work for you.

Of course, this relies on LADSPA working on OSX, and I don’t know if it does.