How do i find a saved snapshot?

New to Ardour. I have a “base” session with imported audio files. I would like to keep that base session sort of as a template to work from, i.e. to do my recording on top of that “base” session. My original intent was to rename the recording takes using the “save-as” function, but I see that the “save-as” function does not work as it normally does in conventional programs. So I saved a snapshot of a recording session, and I thought that I would see an opportunity to open the snapshot when starting the program, but that snapshot does not appear. Where did it go? How do I open it? This is a bit confusing. Any suggestions for me to accomplish what I am trying to do? Maybe the snapshot did not get saved? Thanks for all help in advance.

Never mind this post. I found the snapshot, but do I delete saved sub-sessions that I no longer want to clutter the sub-session list? I have so much to learn. Sometimes it seems overwhelming-- thank for any help anyone wants to give. Truly appreciated.

Have you read through the snapshots page of the manual?
Snapshots page of working with sessions chapter

Curious what you mean that the save-as function does not work “as it normally does.” It takes your data and saves it as a new session, which seems kind of like taking an existing word processing document and saving the existing data to a new document file. Of course a session is a directory with multiple files, but that is kind of an implementation detail you don’t usually need to bother with.

I think many people use the “save as” function in Word processing to create a new document while preserving the original. Yes I read the manual. I need to change my way of thinking to adjust to the Ardour mindset. I’ll get there. Thanks

I finally got around to trying this to make sure I had not missed anything, and when I used save-as it created a copy of the original project in a new sub-directory, and opened the new project in Ardour.
How is that different that a word processor which creates a copy of the original document and preserves the original? It is an entire directory in the case of an Ardour project, but logically the session file and all the required session files are the equivalent of the single file typically used by a desktop application.

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