How do I export a short sample of a part of an audio track?

I want to export just about 10 minutes of an hour of audio to send it to the interviewee for approval.

I’m new to Ardour and can’t figure out how to do this.

After searching online, it looks like setting a range might be the way to go.

I right clicked on the range ruler and added a start and end to the range.

I clicked export and selected the range and the track, there are 6 interviewees, and clicked export.

I can’t tell if it’s still processing or it’s not doing anything, but I can’t tell if this is even going to do what I want.

Basically we are trialing new plugin settings and I want the interviewees approval. I don’t need to export the whole thing, just a short sample.

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

This is a perfectly good way to do it. Faster, by a smidgen, might be just drawing a 10-minute range with smart tool or range tool [R] over your desired track (you still need to ensure correct time span and channel are selected in the export dialog).

I think where the range marker stuff comes in very handy is for multiple sections (or songs) so you can export them all in one go.

EDIT: Obviously if you have any plugins on the master bus you’ll want to select “master” for the channel and if you only want the interviewee’s voice, just solo that track for export.

I’ll have a look at the drawing tool.

My export never happened. I checked the log files and here are the 2 errors.

2020-12-08T09:30:15 [WARNING]: ardour::get_port_name: invalid port
2020-12-08T09:31:43 [ERROR]: Cannot prepare transport for export

I don’t know what to do to resolve this issue.

To be clear it is either the “smart” grab[G] tool or the range tool [R]. The drawing tool is something else entirely.

What version of Ardour are you using and on what platform? Also, which plugins are you using?

Ardour 6.3 on Ubuntu Studio 20.10

Noise Repellent
LSP Gate Mono
LSP Parametric EQ Mono x 16
LSP Limiter Stereo
LSP Multiband Compressor Mono x 8
LSP Compressor Mono

terminology note: the “Draw tool” in Ardour has nothing to do with this - it is used to create MIDI regions and notes, along with control/automation data points. When @bachstudies said “draw” he meant using the “Range tool”.

Is this an official binary from or from the Ubuntu repository? Are you using ALSA or JACK? Those error codes are above my pay grade but you might try ALSA if you are not using it and also it is always worth trying the official demo version from this website to eliminate any distro compiling issues.

It’s from the Ubuntu repo. I was using Jack but then I switched to Alsa since I’m not recording yet, just receiving the audio files and mixing them into the podcast. Jack gave me so many problems and I have plenty of time to learn it when I do more recording again.

I’m curious, if I become a supporter of Ardour, does that allow me to download the latest version for any platform? At home I use Linux, but I’m a teacher, and whenever we go back to face to face school, I can imagine using Ardour at school with my students, but at school we have mostly Macs.

You may find you don’t need it. Really unless you are routing between software, I would suggest sticking with ALSA.

Short answer is yes for the quoted portion.


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