How do I enter numbers into a plugin? (the keyboard is used for shortcuts!)

I am trying to set a precise delay time in the AUdelay plugin, but I can’t enter the numbers since the buttons are used for Ardours shortcuts.

When clicking a box for entering numbers, I would expect the keyboard to be usable for this…
Is there a way?

/The only way I have found is to copy the figure from another program an paste it into the plugin number box. Not a usable way for fiddling with the amount of various settings.

@RogerJoennson: this doesn’t work for most AU plugins at present. It doesn’t work in several other AU hosts either, as a footnote (there have been discussions about this recently on the Apple CoreAudio API mailing list). There will likely be a solution in a future version of Ardour, but from the conversations I’ve seen on that mailing list, its not even entirely clear that its the right thing to do. There were some example cases mentioned that would make using the keyboard for this create issues for some users, even in Logic.

I will write my own tiny basic program with one single box, that automatically puts an entered number in copy, so all I have to do is to use paste to get it into the plug-in box. Fortunately right click + paste works!

From a user perspective it looks just like the keyboard has been hijacked by Ardour. That is keeps focusing on the Ardour shortcuts, even though it should focus on the plug in box/field. Mouse actions are normal.

@RogerJoensson: although that’s a reasonable summary from the user perspective, its a lot more complex than that, unfortunately. The plugin GUI is written one of two different APIs from Apple, and Ardour is written in a cross-platform API that uses one of those two Apple APIs at a deep level. However, these problems arise in AU hosts that 100% native too. We need to find a way to relay key events that have made it all the way through the many layers of the Apple and GTK event handling “stacks” and feed them back into the plugin UI. Its not trivial to do, but its not super-hard either.