How do I Eliminate the Mic Background Sounds?

Hi I wish to know ¨How do I Eliminate the Mic Background Sounds?¨. I can do this in ¨Adobe Audition¨ with the restore audio option. You Know… I mean that background breeze - air sounds.

Im Using Ubuntu Linux 8.10


My doors are closed… and I’m using headphones already.

If you didn’t understand what I mean… look the video in this web and select “Audio restoration and healing”

Ardour is a DAW, a multitrack recorder/mixer/arranger, not a wave editor.

What you’re looking for is probably something like this ( or this ( [Filtering with the Effect menu]).

Did you saw the video? Did you notice when they talk about deleting the background noises?

Yup. And once again; Ardour is not a wave editor.

If thats’s what you need, use Audacity or GWC.

I’ve had pretty much success in using Audacity noise removal plugin for deleting background noise.

But it has to be clear to you that you are losing fidelity with this.

Use those on the tracks with problems - and then process them further in Ardour.

Close the door to your soundproofed room and use headphones.

There’s no such thing as a “background remover” in Ardour (or any other DAW AFAIK).