How do I edit the audio track in a video in Ardour?

I watched this video and I get the basic idea.

He is using 5 and I’m on 6.5 so there are some slight differences.

I was only able to import the video into Ardour, then edit the audio, and save the newly edited audio as a separate file. Then I brought the new audio into Kdenlive to replace the old file.

That is OK, but in the video, he makes it sound like there is an option to “transcode” it back into the original video file directly?

Did I misunderstand him, is he wrong, or is this no longer possible?

That would be an ideal workflow, but I can live with saving it externally and bringing it in again.

Session > Export > Export to video file… should do the trick.

I’ll give it another try, thanks again for the clear concise reply.

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