How Do I: easily add fades to newly split regions?

I have a track with one long region that I’d like to split into many smaller regions, with one half of the new small regions remaining in the original track and the other half of the new small regions ending up on a new track. To prevent spurious noises at the start and end of each new small region, I’d like to have fade-ins and fade-outs applied. Must I apply fades to each new region independently? Or is there some sort of automatic fade capability that I haven’t found?

To the program creators, authors, and maintainers: Thanks for an awesome product!!

Perfect! Thanks LeatusPenguin!

Every region has a short “declicking” fade by default. You have to zoom in close to see it.

This is not for artisitic reasons, but is necessitated by digital audio editing. You need “some” crossfade to avoid discontinuities in the slope of the audio at the poit of the edit (cutting at zero-crossings don’t help in this matter).

Signals with lots of low-frequency content might require you to stretch the fade slightly longer to avoid an artifact. But in most cases the default should work.