How do I do bass to kick sidechain compression with x42 dynamic compressor stereo?

Hello friends,

I usually use ACE Compression plugin to do " bass to kick" sidechain compression, and it works fine :slightly_smiling_face:.

I would like to do this with x42 dynamic compressor stereo plugin but, I don’t know how :thinking:

Here’s an example of what I do (and that don’t work):
I have a bass bus in stereo and a kick bus in stereo (in strict mode or not , the result in the same…) , I put the x42 compressor plugin to the kick and in sidechain, I have :

Screenshot from 2024-03-07 16-43-38
The result is no sidechain at all : I only hear the kicks :sweat_smile:

Have you any idea of what I should do ?

Thanks in advance

idk what you are trying to accomplish by putting the compressor plugin on the kick and feeding the external sidechain with the bass signal. Usually it is used exactly the other way round. One wants to duck (compress) the bass when the kick drum hits.
In any case, configuring the routing of the external sidechain path in the Pin Dialog is only one prerequisite to let the whole thing happen. You’d also have to configure the respective compressor to actually use the external instead of the default internal sidechain (which is a splitted signal path of the track it is sitting on) and then of course dial in the actual compression details you want to act upon the signal.

Thanks @novalix :smile:
I’ll try with your explanation

I think it’s ok now :
Screenshot from 2024-03-07 17-59-57

And I think that I wanted to do reproduce something like what I’ve done with ace compressor :
Screenshot from 2024-03-07 17-50-20

Thanks !

You also need to use a compressor that has a sidechain input. This one doesn’t. If it did then it would show one or more blue connection diamonds, like the ACE Compressor has.

Thanks @johndev

It seems to mean that x42 dynamic compressor stereo can’t be used for sidechain compression, and this surprise me…

Maybe one of the creator of the plugin can confirm ? Maybe you are one of them johndev ?

I’m not, no. It is quite common for compressors not to have a sidechain.

If you don’t like the ACE one you can try the LSP Sidechain Compressor.

Just remember to change the Sidechain Setup from “Feed-Forward” to “External”.

Thanks @peder , I’ll give a try :wink:

first of all i’d like to say that i really dig the songs you posted lately.

Here are some more technical considerations.

That bass ducking thing is sometimes necessary to bring more definition in the really low sub region of the frequency spectrum (below 100Hz). Because of the transient nature of the signal one wants to bring forward (the bassdrum) it’s usually done by tuning the compressor to a very fast attack time, a considerably fast release time and a moderate compression ratio. As always the exact numbers depend on the source material, the taste of the mixer and the specific tool one uses.
Everything comes with a cost. When the bass plays on note with the Kick and one uses a full range compressor the transient attack of the bass note vanishes.
This is the reason why i usually reach for the ZAM Dynamic EQ for this task. Here is my template:

When the plugin is loaded on the bass track/buss and configured to use the external sidechain fed by the kick signal, i choose the low shelf pattern, adjust the detect frequency knob near the fundamental of the bassdrum (usually around 60Hz) and the target frequency to around 100Hz, set the fastest attack (0.1 ms) and start with a release time about 50 ms. Then i adjust the compression ratio to 2:1 and while playing bring the threshold knob in a position where the quieter bassdrum hits triggger the compression.

I find this approach to sidechhain ducking much more transparent.

That said, in the case of your song we are talking about that would probably not have a lot of impact. The bass doesn’t carry much low end information.


Thanks for the explanation :blush: