How do I delete extra bars?

I’m working on a song. There’s a section that is too long, and I’d like to delete a few bars. Can someone please tell me how to do this?

If your session has not too much tracks (especially midi tracks with multiple automation) - only way (as I know) to select range (“R”- mouse-mode) and Delete, and after select the remaining end range - cut it and paste to the place from where you’ve deleted unnecessary bars. But if you have a big number of midi automation tracks (I mean plugin’s automation) - this task becomes almost impossible: when you use range tool (“R”-mouse mode) you need to select (additionally) all the headers of midi automation tracks one by one and after make the same operations - delete, cut, paste… Unfortunately Ardour has no any developed possibilities in this area.
I’d like to expand the question: May be somebody has made some special Lua script for this (if it is possible at all)? Just select some range and press the magical script-button “Delete range with shifting”.))

I’ve got about 15 tracks right now, none of them midi.

The real issue is that I absolutely cannot figure out how to select a range. I was able, after about 45 minutes of struggling, to figure out how to set range markers. So I’ve got a marker at the beginning and one at the end of the area I want to delete. But Ardour 5 refuses to highlight the area no matter what I do.

Are you in the RANGE mode? (As mentioned above the shortcut is ‘R’)


Yes, I was in Range mode. I need to know what to do after I am in Range mode in order to select the range.

Update: I found a labour-intensive work-around. Basically I put the markers in place around the section I wanted to excise and then zoomed all the way in and used the scissors tool to cut every single track precisely on the lines. Then I painstakingly selected every little section of every track and slid it all together. Thankfully the transition was seamless, or I would’ve had to press ctrl+Z about 100 times and try again.

When you press [R] - you must be able to select the range:

(If your range does not contain all the tracks - you’d use the Ctrl+T combination to select all the track headers)

Here is how you can easily delete a part in the middle of the song. Select the range with the range tool, drag across the tracks, set ripple mode on and delete. The parts before and after the cut will collapse together removing the empty space. Here a short video.

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Mikael Hartzell - comrade-in-arms )))

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One think goes to mind - may be you mean “to select” - to drag the range by mouse(?) - that’s impossible (as I know). Only Delete, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V - keyboards work.

Thank you for the replies! The video was particularly helpful. I have no idea what “ripple” mode is; I guess I’ll have to look it up some day. For some reason my mouse wasn’t selecting things before, but is now. At least I know what to do next time.

Editing modes explained:

If it’s just a few sections and tracks, press G then click the first one, hold ctrl and continue clicking until everything you want is selected.

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