How do I create more sends when the process box looks full?

(Leo Preston) #1

I’d like to create 24 sends per chanel (for a multi-speaker installation). I have made 11 send buses in the space below the “main” fader in the process box for tracks in the Mixer window, but now there is no more space available, and I can’t seem to scroll down.
What’s the best solution?

(Robin Gareus) #2

Odd, there should be a scroll-bar in the processor-box. Also right-click on a processor will add a spacer to add a new processor above/below (depending on where you right-click).

PS. With those 11 sends, can you try to reduce window-height and see if a scrollbar appears then?
PPS. you could also hide the volume control to make more space: right click on a send > Controls > Send

(Leo Preston) #3

Thanks V much Robin - You’re right. I must be stressed… all working!

(Leo Preston) #4

Here’s the next obvious question though:
Is it possible to copy and paste a chanel configuration (ie. all the sends) so that I don’t have to re-create the whole lot of them for each chanel?

(Seablade) #5

Track Templates allow you to create new channels with the same settings, or you can drag and drop between channels to copy processors IIRC.