How do I copy FX from one project's track to another project's track?

Selecting all FX (right click, Select all) and copying them does not work (only one plugin is copied). Saving the track as a template may work only if you are adding new tracks outright, not if you want to copy the settings to an already existing track. One way to make it work could be to make new tracks and copying the existing content to those tracks (another one could be to redirect the output of the existing track to the new track) but how do I make sure that the items are copied in the same point in the timeline?

Did you try drag’n drop?

Otherwise clone your desired track and move regions to this new track?

In my case if I want same fx for multiple tracks I tend to use either send to an fx bus either output those tracks to a audio bus then apply fx in this bus and finally route the bus to master.

This save ressources too :wink:

No, I’ve found a good mix of FX for a live session which I divided into songs. I worked on the first song and now I’d like to copy the settings track by track. To copy regions without moving them in time, is there a way which ensures that the regions are simply moved “as is”?

I wonder if saving the songs to different snapshots of the same session might have made your work easier.

However there is a way to move regions to other tracks and keep them locked in the time. You need to change “Edit Mode” from “Slide” to “Lock”. There is a button on the left upper corner of the Ardour Edit - window that currently says “Slide”, click on it and select the edit mode from the drop down list.

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