How do I copy a range from one track to another?

When I cut samples from various sources recorded into Ardour, what I need is to select part of a sound and then copy it into another track and later export to a wave file. I can select it with a range selection tool, but don’t know how to copy it or whether it is possible at all. My workaround is to crop region to range - but this is not a very good solution, as I then have to reopen the project to continue my work.

control-C and control-V have always worked for me to copy and paste bits of
audio. I’ve never managed to find a way of controlling /where/ it gets pasted exactly
on the time line, but at least it does get pasted to the track I’ve selected.

IIRC “copy” and “paste” are also available on a right-click menu…

Found no copy and paste when right-clicking on range, but found Duplicate Range - it creates a range over the original track and I can just drag it onto another track. Thanks, this is good enough for me!

control-C and control-V on your keyboard.

easiest way to copy in the SAME TRACK is holding “Ctrl” and than drag and drop the region to copy.

position of copy and pasted region is where the mouse is (in marked track). you can change this, for example use the blue line, but i never discovered how to use the blue-line. For example, how to copy a region several times, so that one is pasted after the other?

just to correct myself: Ctrl + drag & drop works from one track to another too…so it’s the easiest way