How do I continue to listen to non-recorded tracks during recording?

I’m pretty new to this so I may not know some otherwise obvious problems, etc.

Here’s my hardware, my goal.
I’ve got a TASCAM 16 input 8 output audio interface on a macbook.

I’m using 10 inputs and all of these except input Mic 01 are configured for output to Left 01, Right 02.
01 - Mic
02 - Mic
09 - Music Left
10 - Music Right
11 - Aux In Left
12 - Aux in Right
13 - Laptop Audio Left
14 - Laptop Audio Right
15 - Laptop 2 Audio Left
16 - Laptop 2 Audio Right

I want to begin recording and have 01, 13, 14 audio recorded.
I’d like to be able to still hear everything else except 01.
While nothing is recording, I hear all the tracks, nothing is muted.
The ‘record’ icon is enabled on Mic 1 and 15,16.
Once I start recording, the only thing being fed to output channels 01, 02 are that which is recorded.

You cannot do that in Ardour 5.x. In this version of Ardour, there is ALWAYS only one thing that can be monitored: either the input signal, or the data from disk. This is the way that most recording systems have historically worked.

In Ardour 6.x you will be able to choose both at once.

With certain audio interface hardware, you can also configure this sort of thing in the hardware itself. But that is totally device specific, and I’m not going to discuss it further here.

Can’t you set input monitor source on a track-by-track basis, basically override the automated switching so that even on already recorded tracks you monitor input instead of disk?

And you could always do this with jack by permanently routing the inputs to a separate monitor bus, right? This doesn’t seem like it should take more than a few minutes setting up routing, but maybe I’m missing something.