How do I change the default location for saved sessions?

Right now, Ardour2 is saving sessions to my home folder under OSX and I’d like it to place the sessions into a subfolder labeled “Ardour Sessions” (maybe even on another drive) to help keep track of them. I’m sure I’m missing something really easy, but I’m not finding any option setting to change where it places sessions on a global basis and i did look in the ardour manual as well.

Any help gratefully accepted!

actually, there isn’t. ardour was (unfortunately) designed with the mental model that it would be started from a command line not by clicking on an icon, so the default location for a new session is the folder the user was in when starting ardour. when you click on an icon in OS X (or Linux) you are generally “in” your home folder/directory.

it would be great if you could file this as a feature request in our bug tracker so it doesn’t get lost. i’m not immediately clear on the right way to do this; if i was i’d fix it right now.

thanks for the report.

No problem. Will do.

This should be a fairly simple addition to the code. While we’re working on the session dialog and adding features this would sure be a nifty one…

In fact, I just checked. Even in Linux run from a command line the default directory is always the home directory. Very inconvenient…