How do I automatically generate panning automations from reverb automation


Is it possible to make the panning automation of a track be written based on the automation of f.ex. reverb blend automation? So that when there is a lot of reverb on a track, it is panned to the middle, and when there is less and less reverb, the track is also panned more and more to the right.

What I want to achieve is to create drum settings with three drum tracks, and make it so that when there is a lot of reverb on the drum bus, they are all centered, and sound like they’re far away, and then, when I adjust the reverb down, one drum track is panned more and more to the left, and one to the right, so that it sounds like “zooming in” to a drummer’s perspective, hearing the drums “close”, and thus also some drums panned to the side.

This is kind of similar to side chain compression, with a silent bass drum track triggering the ducking of f.ex. a synth. It’s just that I want to use automation lanes as this trigger, and affect other automation lanes; panning, and I guess eq and perhaps other plugins.

How can this be set up?

Come on guys, give me a hint; is it possible to do something like this?

Short answer is not at this time without custom programming.


I believe the only way to do what you describe is to do the panning automation manually.

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something like macros, or linking parameters (vst/lv2/whatever) would be great.
Like available in renoise, bitwig, reason etc…

What could the custom programming look like?
Is it possible to extract the automation info from a track (f.ex. the blend level of a reverb track) and get this as a file with a series of numbers or something, and then write a simple program that will generate a similar file for f.ex. a panning automation lane? And then one could import that new file into ardour, to the track’s panning automation lane?


Extracted file with reverb blend levels:

New file generated by custom program; The more reverb the more centered panning

I’d be very interested if one of the Ardour gurus says this is possible as I currently would go down a hardware* (or even python coding**!) route - but that just shows my Ardour ignorance level!
Sorry i can’t be more directly helpful…

*I have a Blokas Midihub so I’d use that: recording a reverb control CC whilst Midihub converts and scales to another CC for Panning.

**using py_midicsv or even isobar if I wanted to build something more extendable

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