How do I automate switching presets?

I am wondering how I change from one preset to another I have TAL-Noizemaker and wante to change from one patch to another during playback.

I can do this with Plugins such as Aspect which have a program change editor built in. But that is all.

I would think there would be a way for Ardour to swap presets that are found in the dropdown preset box in the plugins. Am I wrong?

Unless anyone has added it to the VST code within ardour, then no, its not possible. I don’t think there’s any reason why it couldn’t be done, but I also don’t think it’s part of the VST spec, as such, therefore it’s likely something which some plug-ins do and some hosts do or don’t.

Changing preset should be a midi command normally, “change program number.”
On the timeline in the midi channel, do a ‘change program number’ event?

I think if you right click on a midi region, choice for ‘name-midi region’ -> midi -> insert patch change

You ‘have’ to give channel, bank and program number to change from program/patch/preset.