How do I automate adding, panning and renaming DrumGizmo tracks?

I have been using DrumGizmo for a while, and every time a new project is created I have got to painstakingly add, pan and rename all the 16 drumgizmo tracks. Which is a pain. I was looking for ways to do it with a Lua script, but I couldn’t find any example scripts I could use that involved the mentioned steps.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would highly appreciate it!

You do it once and then save a session template.

Edit: once for every kit you use frequently.

You can also open an already set-up session, delete everything but the drum tracks, and save as a template (and probably choose “empty session” on the next dialog).


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That is actually really useful, as more of the boring stuff can be automated instead of just DrumGizmo.

Thank you, and happy new year!