how do I activate VST plugins with ardourVST 2.8.4

I have installed ArdourVST 2.8.4 and want to try some Waves vst plugins.
How can I get them find and working in Ardour plugins.

@antonvdh: you will not be able to use Waves plugins on Linux. They need iLok, which is not available for Linux, even under Wine.

Sorry I meant waves enigma ( seen on the screenshot) or cakewalk vst plugins.
Where do I have to place the vst dll files.
Which path to see and choose vst with the ardour plugin manager.

the screenshot you are looking at is on OS X, and the Waves Enigma plugin in that screenshot is in AudioUnit format. There are no Cakewalk VST plugins - Cakewalk has its own builtin “plugins”. If you have VST dlls and a VST-enabled build of Ardour for Linux (unlikely but not impossible), then you can put them in /usr/local/lib/vst or any location included in the value of the VST_PATH or VST_PLUGINS environment variable. I repeat that you cannot run Waves plugins (or those from any other company that uses iLok) on Linux.

Thanks for the explanation and info

I read on the internet that Cakewalk has it’s own plugin format called DXi which makes use of Windows’ Direct X.
Did not now that because I see the cakewalk instruments are just dll files.

So I am gonna try some cubase vst plugin’s .

I am using openSUSE 11.1 (i586) rt kernel and ArdourVST 2.8.4 and yes VST is enabled the only thing I had to do was I
edit .bashrc put this line under

export VST_PATH=/home/anton/vst/

Then restarted or relogin.
I can start from the Ardour plugin manager VST
Also the cakewalk instruments vst dll files work fine like guitar rig.