How did Ardour got starting so must faster on UbuntuStudio latest?

On UbuntuStudio 19.04 ardour launch time was average.
I had to install KxStudio repositories to access most plugins I use, I updated Ardour, it got… very slow at launch.
just installed UbuntuStudio 19.10, did not add the KX repositories, just installed .deb packages downloaded from there, and Ardour got very, very fast.
Launch time means the time between the click on the ardour menu and the first Ardour Gui window appearing.

I’m not asking to change anything, just want to understand what I did wrong and wether or not I should add the KX repositories or script their downloads and use dpkg -i as those packages (lv2 plugins and instruments) have almost no dependencies.

Generally I find the KX repos to be more reliable. I haven’t looked lately but they way Ardour was packaged on Ubuntu caused some problems after it was running, no idea if that is still the case now or not, but I generally did not find the same issue with the KX repos.


the problem with mixing repositories is something called the ‘ABI’ that can differ from overriding system packages that are targetted for a specific distribution… It could be that you installed a system package that not only caused ardour to run with issues but potentially other applications. When you update a package, sometimes there is a pull for more “higher” package numbering (that are system libraries) that could come from KxStudio that should not be going into Ubuntustudio…

here when I get an issue with packaged-ardour on Debian, I sometimes just get the ready-to-run bundle from – as that should in general run-install on any distribution… (it installs to /opt/Ardour* and it would generate a nice desktop menu launch item)