How could I change the language ?

Hi everybody
I’m trying to have ardour in French and i don’t find where it could be.
Did I miss something ?

Its not possible at this time.

OS X provides its own internationalization facilities that are not portable to other systems, so we do not use them. Ardour uses a portable internationalization system called “gettext”, but it has taken us a while to understand how we can use it effectively with OS X. I believe we understand that now, but it will be several weeks before you see a release in which it works.

As a footnote, on Linux, It Just Works ™ :slight_smile:

As a footnote, on Linux, It Just Works ™ :slight_smile:
lol !

That was for a friend using macos. And i must admit that i love the mac look and feel, and the possibility to link ardour and AUlab with jack, for example.

thank you for all that things, paul, you make a great work !

Very Good work. I’m sorry but I’ve got the same problem. I’m with mac and I’d like to change the language from english to french. I didn’t found how to do it. Is it possible and how???