How change language?


I have Ardour 5 and by default is in English. How can i change langage please ?

You need to use your operating system facilities to do this. Ardour will use whatever the system tells it the default language is. The mechanism for setting this will vary depending on what platform you are on (and for Linux, even on the specific Linux distribution you are using).

Also, this only applies to versions of Ardour obtained from For versions obtained from Linux distributions, talk to the packager(s) of Ardour for that distribution, because they do not use the same mechanism that we do for our own builds.

Thanks for your answer.
My platform is OS X (the latest version sierra). My default language is in french… but Ardour 5 stay in English…?

Je rencontre le même problème, Comme MOOnSlide, sur le syst7me OS X Sierra. Sur un ordinateur avec Capitan, j’ai Ardour en français. I meet the same problem as MOOnSlide, on the syst7me OS X Sierra. On a computer with Capitan, I have Ardour in french.

Check if Preferences > User interaction > Use Translations … is enabled

I clicked Use translations… but I still have Ardour in English… I’m on MacOs Sierra. With Capitan I have Ardour in French.

That difference in behaviour between Sierra and El Capitan seems significant, but I don’t have immediate insight into what would be causing the issue. Seems as if Apple have changed something on Sierra about specifying language/locales.

Hello paul I am french I downloaded version 5 and so I can not put it in french I have a mac book version sierra 10 .12 .2 and as I do not understand English it Is difficult to understand how to focus ardor I do not know what to do thank you for your reply stp

Maybe somebody can give me a thank you answer

Malheureusement, il n’y a aucun moyen de changer la langue sous macos sierra pour le moment

(I hope google translations did a good job :wink:

Try the following command in Terminal:

$ defaults write -app Ardour5 AppleLanguages “(ja)”

(Of course, you need to change “(ja)” to your language)

This works for my Sierra environment.

To revert the change, type:

$ defaults delete -app Ardour5 AppleLanguages

I have tried it but it doesn’t work.
I use MacOS Mojave.

Sorry, Apple changed some aspect of their own international language support between El Capitan and Mojave. Their changes broke Ardour’s translation system even though in theory we don’t use their systems for this. We have not yet been able to determine how to fix it.

Do you want to use English? Or some non-English language?

I prefer French but if there is no solution I will use English

Yes, I regret that for macOS Mojave, translations will not be available in the current version of Ardour. I wish I could tell you why, precisely, but we have been completely unable to uncover any information from Apple about what they changed.

Thank you. Never mind. We’ll see if it can change in a future release