How can I use 2.8 with vst (vestige) on a 64bit system


Recently installed the latest version (2.8) from getdeb. Also happy to be made my first donation. 5 dollars is not much but I had other donations too and I’m a student. Anyway, can anyone help me with vst? I use ubuntustudio 64 bit. I can use vst with wine+wineasio64+JACK but a more portable way will be much better. Thank you.

Let me repeat what I have said in several other forum posts.

You cannot run win32/x86 VST2 plugins inside a host built for x86_64 (64 bit) operation. The VST2 specification makes this impossible to do without kludges and hacks that I do not consider it worthwhile to investigate.

If you run a 64 bit system, you would need to set up a complete 32 bit build environment, build ardour with VST support within that environment, and use the result.

Note that this restriction is just as true on Windows as it is on Linux. As far as I know, only Cakewalk have spent time on the hacks to allow using VST2 plugins on a 64 bit host. The difference is that hardly anyone runs Windows in 64 bit mode, so the problem hardly affects any users of that platform.

As for VST support overall: yes, I am not keen to appear to be supporting it too much - the fact that it works at all is largely a function of the Wine project, and the extent to which some plugins work and others do not is similarly largely related to Wine. Since Wine is an independent project with only peripheral interests in facilitating this kind of thing, its really counter productive for me to get involved with “enhancing VST support” in deep ways - most of the work is in a project that I am not involved in and have no control over. Moreover, its very very much more difficult to debug issues with a VST-supporting build of Ardour, and this in turns makes it very hard for me or anyone else to offer effective support to users when things do not work.


Unfortunately you can’t have FST/ VST support on 64bit, although I don’t know all the details I do know that building ArdourVST 2.8 on 64bit is broken and the Ardour devs know it is and have said on IRC that it will be that way for quite some time. VST Plugins being 32bit is probably one of the issues and there are also issues with Wine-dev failing during compile.

In recent posts it seems Paul is distancing himself from supporting ArdourVST rather quickly due to it’s lack of stability so I would be surprised if 64bit support for VST ever happens. Of course that is just a guess.

Thanks for the answers. I will be using my wine+wineasio64+JACK setup since it just works anyway. Just a bit more clicks…