How can I sync Ardour to Digital Performer?


How can I slave Ardour to Digital Performer’s transport?

I’m using Mixbus for processing stems coming from DP which are routed back to a mix track in DP. I was doing this without the timeline running in Ardour (and it works great) but now I need to write some automation in Ardour so I need to sync its transport.

Mac Pro OSX 10.5.7, DP 6.02

Thanks for any help.

Quick answer: use MTC output from DP into Mixbus, and set the sync source to MTC (pulldown menu just to the right of the main clock). Make sure the Options->Sync->fps matches the output of DP.

Use a MIDI router to route DP’s MTC output into Mixbus’s MTC input.

Pete Yandell’s MIDI Patchbay works great to route MIDI between software for Ben’s solution above.


Thank you, both.

Just curious, would IAC work? I remembered it when I was sitting in the dentist’s chair trying to keep my mind on something else. Ouch!

I do not believe the IAC device will work as I believe it assume the programs will connect to it, whereas Mixbus/Ardour do not do this. Besides the last time I worked with IAC I found it a headache compared to using the MIDI Patchbay, and that wasn’t even dealing with Ardour or Mixbus;)


Okay, thanks much, Seablade.

I’m off to get Pete Yandell’s MIDI Patchbay.

Appreciate the help.

Got it going. That was easy.


Easy is good;)