How can I stop recording at the end marker?

I am doing some re-amping for training an AI model to create plug-ins for my amp.

The modelling framework requires the input (which I import) to be exactly the same length as the output (the re-amped track).

When I import the input file, Ardour automatically creates start and end markers.

How can I have recording stop at the end marker?

I have tried using Punch Out, but when the Punch Out marker is aligned with the “End” marker, recording stops a few samples short.

I just tested this with 8.0. The grid was set to 1/4 notes, the end marker and punch range were at 44100 samples. The resulting region that I recorded using punch in & out ends at 44099, as would be expected.

Thanks for testing.

I’m at 48000 using the build from GitHub. The difference between the punch out marker and the end of recording was just over 100 samples, so I move the punch out marker out by the same number to account for the undershoot.

Builds from github are absolutely not supported.

However, this is likely not the issue.

Do you know what might likely be the issue?

Use punch-in and punch-out. The first track should be recorded with no “reamping”, just raw signal with absolutely no processing, routed from your source track to the recorded one. The next tracks you can reamp as you wish.

This way you will get all tracks exactly the same length including this one re-recorded from imported file which you can use as an input.

That’s what I tried.

Unfortunately, the tracks are shorter because recording stops a little more than 100 samples before the Punch Out marker.

The DNN checks for the hash of the input file.

I updated to version 8 and everything is working as expected. Recording is stopping right at the punch out marker.

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