How can I save a project using relative paths?

I have a bunch of projects that I would like to move to another computer (with another directory structure), but when doing so, the projects looses its relation to its audiofiles, since the filenames are saved in the projects file with their full paths, even though they are residing in the project interchange folder.

Is this a bug? Or is there some way to save a project using the relative paths to its audiofiles?

I suppose that by ‘import’ instead of ‘embed’ you mean use the “Copy to project” option when importing the audio?

if the file has an absolute name, it means it was embedded into the session, not imported. if it was embedded, even though it appears to reside in the interchange tree, it uses some special unix magic to actually refer to a file outside of the tree.

if you want to be able to move sessions, you must import all audio, not embed it.

Yes, I do. Sorry, I was using our older terminology.