How can I reset all faders to X?

Hi, is there a way I can set all my faders to e.g. -10? I mean, all in one fell swoop possibly with a keyboard numeric input? Also, can anyone recommend some reading material on mixing basics?

Thank you

No. You can shift-click to reset a fader to unity, or manually enter a number above each individual fader. but that is per track.

You could use Menu > Window > Scripting, paste/edit the following and press “Run”:

-- convert dBFS to gain-coefficient 10^(dB/20)
local gain_coeff = ARDOUR.DSP.dB_to_coefficient (-10) -- change dB

-- loop over all tracks
for t in Session:get_tracks():iter() do
  -- ignore tracks with fader automation
  if t:gain_control():automation_state() ~= ARDOUR.AutoState.Off then
    goto skip

  -- set track's fader gain
  t:gain_control():set_value (gain_coeff, PBD.GroupControlDisposition.NoGroup)


That script could be extended so that a dialog asks about the target value, and one could add a header to that it keyboard shortcuts can be bound to it.

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Thanks Robin! This looks great.

Also there is a keyboard shortcut to affect all faders in a group when you click+drag, and when you first create your session, your faders don’t belong in a group so it would affect all your faders as an alternative method.

Sorry tired so I know that sounds rambling, I will try to remember to come back to this tomorrow and clarify, or hopefully someone else can figure out what I intend to say and clarify it for you.


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