How can I record voice over a track

I want to know how can i configure audio into ardour to record my voice when i have a guitar track playing and it track doesnt go into the voice im recording

That seems like basic Ardour use. Without more details describing your settings it is difficult to know what is not correct for you.
Have you read the manual or watched any of the tutorials on YouTube? My guess would be the input with your microphone is not connected to the track you want to use (for example using a two channel audio interface the channel without the microphone may have been connected to the track input).

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I have a recording session, then i have 2 tracks stereo. 1 track for voice to recrod and 1 track of guitar.

I have a PV6 mixer and usb interface connected and a rode nt1a connected to it

The session is configured as recording session

If i play the track of guitar and try to record in the other track the voice at same time, the sound of guitar gets into the track of the voice.

Only the track where i want to record is prepared to record, then why the track of guitar is getting into it?


Are you actually recording the voice and guitar as stereo? For example, are you using a stereo microphone configuration for the voice recording?

So a single microphone. If you are using a mono microphone for recording voice, how do you have the signals routed to the inputs of the stereo track?

That sounds like possibly the send to the recording interface and the monitor send for your headphones is the same. If you want to use the mixer for monitoring you need to figure out if you can send the signal from the audio interface just to your headphones, and the signal from the mixer just to the input of the audio interface.

Or is the USB interface part of the mixer?
If you are using the USB interface in the mixer you may just need to make sure that the “To Main” button is not depressed on the USB Return section of the mixer.

You didn’t say how you were monitoring the guitar. Do you have headphones on? Is the guitar playing through speakers while you’re recording the voice over? Even with headphones on, if the guitar is playing loud in the headphones the mic may pick up the sound of the guitar. I know it sounds obvious but I had to ask.

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If it’s leakage from your headphones or speaker we’re dealing with here you can do another take on a separate channel, but this time without actually singing anything.
If you then reverse the polarity on that channel the guitar leakage will null out.
Then you can bounce the two channels into a new one, which should be mostly free of guitar.

It could also be that you’ve connected the wrong output from your sound card to Ardour.
My old M-Audio card had a number of separate channels and one that was a stereo mix of all the channels.
It took a while until I realized that.

Im monitoring with headphones connected to mixer PV6

Did you verify the settings of the USB return section? It appears from pictures that there are independent selections for USB to main out, and USB to monitor out.

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