How can I install an accordion?

Dear community members.

I am writing to you requiring some help. How can I install an accordion as a midi instrument in Ardour?

In general, I have not been able to use any vst pluggin that I have downloaded to create the accordion sound. Then I would like to download the accodion as an midi instrument.

I will be so thankful for all your kind support.

Best regards.

Clarification needed…

Are you trying to turn an acoustic accordian into a virtual instrument to use in Ardour? Or are you trying to install a virtual instrument plugin that is an accordian sound and use it in Ardour?


Thanks Seablade

My first objective is to install a virtual accordion instrument that can be used as a midi instrument in Ardour with the piano roll just like the General Midi Synth or the Red Zeppelin drum Kit.

The second solution could be to install a plugin that turn the simple Ardour pre-installed synth sound into the accordion sound. I have downloaded some vts plugins for this purpose but I have not been able to run them in Ardour.

Ok so you are trying to get a virtual instrument of an accordion to run is the simplest solution with likely the best results.

What operating system are you on? What version of Ardour? What have you tried so far and what happened to make you say they ‘don’t work’?


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