how can i fix these errors in Ardour 4 and Ubuntu 16.04

[ERROR]: LADSPA: cannot load module “/usr/lib/ladspa/” (/usr/lib/ladspa/ undefined symbol: q_sort)
[WARNING]: Ignoring LV2 plugin “LV2 Convolution Mono” because its buffer-size requirements cannot be satisfied.
[WARNING]: Ignoring LV2 plugin “LV2 Convolution Mono=>Stereo” because its buffer-size requirements cannot be satisfied.
[WARNING]: Ignoring LV2 plugin “LV2 Convolution Stereo” because its buffer-size requirements cannot be satisfied.
[INFO]: Loaded mixer bindings from /etc/ardour4/mixer.bindings
[INFO]: Loading bindings from /etc/ardour4/mnemonic-us.bindings
Loading menus from /etc/ardour4/ardour.menus
[ERROR]: JACK: jack_port_set_name: deprecated
[ERROR]: JACK: jack_port_set_name: deprecated
[INFO]: Loading 88 MIDI patches from /usr/share/ardour4/patchfiles
[INFO]: Loading history from /home/mrwindell/Ardour Sessions/Timing Practice/Timing Practice.history

I mean errors and warnings

Update the respective plugins.

The swh q_sort has been fixed since since Oct 2015 and the Convo.lv2 buffer restriction was reworked in April’16
You can ignore the JACK: jack_port_set_name: deprecated error.

I am sorry, I am a new Ardour user, can you tell me how to update these plugins. ( swh q_sort and Convo.lv2 ) i try to update them but keep getting package not foundt.
Thank You very much

I upgraded to Ardour 5.0 and still the same warnings and errors. can anybody help me fix this.

The problem is not Ardour, but the respective Plugins.

If your distro does not offer up-to-date versions of those plugins, then you have have 3 options: ask the distro to update the plugins (probably has been done in Ub 16.10), or change the distro or compile the plugins yourself…

For Ubuntu, you might want to try adding

@Mr. Windell: if you’re unable to update your plugins, then consider using Klangfalter or IR.lv2. Dunno what to offer you instead of sifter, though.

Thanks i am going to try both , I will let ya know. I play bass too

hey x42, i went to the website you said and put the ppa’s in from the website then updated and upgraded and it works find now.

Thank You!!!

Mr. Windell, you’re very welcome and don’t thank me, thank falktx from the KXStudio team for providing the PPA and caring about good quality packaging of plugins.