How can I change the tempo of the tracks?

Hi everybody,
I am new here and I am not perfect in using the english language. I’m german.
I came to ARDOUR because I wanted to get away from Windows.
I usually start composing a song by using a drumtrack. Guitars etc. are coming later. Sometimes it happens, that I want to make for example the drumtrack half as fast or double fast as I played it originally.
Using a Studioprogramm under Windows, I always had the possibillity to do that - look at the picture. Is it possible under ARDOUR as well?

Ardour currently does not feature automated stretching of audio to follow tempo changes. It will do that for MIDI, so if your drumtrack was MIDI, it would just do it automatically.

Ardour does, however, have a time stretch tool (press the “t” key) that allows you to manually stretch audio as desired.

Okay. I’ll try it. What might be the “t” key here?

the “t” key on your keyboard - that puts Ardour into “timefx” mode which allows you to stretch regions (rather than, for example, select and move them around).

For more information:


Willkommen hier im Ardour-Forum. Wir kennen uns aus dem Musiker-Board, oder nicht? :wink:

Das kann schon sein. :wink:

Thanks. I hope it is enough for my compositions.

Is ja interessant, dass du auch hier bist. Schon lange? Erzähl mir doch mal, was an Ardour so zu loben ist im Vergleich zu den bisherigen Studio-Programmen. Ich habe auch Reaper empfohlen gekriegt…

Ich habe ganz früher mit ProTools gearbeitet. Ardour ist Open Source, kostenfrei bzw. auf Spendenbasis und fühlt sich bei der Bedienung an wie ProTools. Es läuft auf allen drei Plattformen (Mac, Windows, Linux). Es kann das, was ich brauche. Ich finde es großartig.

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