how can i adjust the width of the track control panel

i’m looking into adjusting the width of track control/header panel on the left of the interface (right of the editor mixer and the height slider), the bit which has names on and the quick access record/solo buttons etc.

firstly it doesn’t seem possible to just drag it as you can do with the height of the tracks…i’ve searched ‘width’ in the xml file and can only find references to ‘strip_width’ which isn’t what i want, looked through menus and tried some of the key combinations that i could think of all to no avail

i’ve tried a couple of search engines and the search within this site and haven’t found any solutions (part of the problem is i don’t know what the official name of that part is). does this feature just not exist?

cheers for any help


oh, i’m using version 2.8.11

Doesn’t exist pretty much.


ah that’s a shame… cheers for the quick reply tho.

presumably there is a number somewhere in the code that dictates how wide that area is… do you know where i might start looking for such a thing?

Offhand no sorry. I don’t have the code in front of me right now, but if you get on IRC and ask there you might get a better answer as there are a few of us that hang out there that might not necessarily come to the forum(Or at least not often.)