How can I add dragonfly plugins?

I downloaded the tar but still not in the system

@Christopher1 What operating system are you using?

ZORIN OS 16 is my operating system

@Christopher1 Copy the lv2 plugins to either ~/.lv2/ or /usr/local/lib/lv2/ directory. Go to Ardour’s “Preferences” dialog, select “Plugins” and click “Scan for Plugins”

This is only for VST and Audio Unit plugins (and these days there is Window > Plugin Manager).

LV2 plugins are unconditionally scanned at application start. Restart Ardour after installing the plugin.

I think you need the .zip - likely (from Releases · michaelwillis/dragonfly-reverb · GitHub) the .tar.gz is the source-code, not the binary.

I think zip files are for windows and I am using linux debian/ubuntu based OS

doesnt seem to work , is trying to extract but can not

@Christopher1 There are utilities on Linux that will extract from zip files. You can use unzip in a terminal, or a graphical tool like file-roller.

Then you will need to provide more details about how you are trying to extract from the file.

I just downloaded from the link provided by Robin and unzip was able to extract all of the plugin files from the zip file. I just ran:
$ unzip

You may want to create a temporary sub-directory first, that did not create a subdirectory when unzipping, and all variants, VST2, LV2, and VST3 of all three reverb plugins are unzipped into your current directory.

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