How are these "quick buttons" called? How to trigger them by keyboard shortcut?

Hi all!
Having more and more fun with Ardour (just installed 6.7)…
BIG thanks to Paul & team!

I already figured out how to put some Lua scripts on theses “Quick Buttons”.

(Even rolled my own script…)

Now I wonder:

  1. Is there any way I can trigger either a Lua script or such a Quick button with a keyboard shortcut?
  2. How are these buttons officially called? Action Buttons? Quick Buttons? Macro Buttons? Caus I could not find them described in the manual either…

Thx. for any help.

(2). Action [Script] Buttons. You can show up to 12 of them in Preferences > Toolbar

(1). Yes you can. Menu > Window > Keyboard Shortcuts Tab “Editor” LuaAction
There are up to 32 slots (by default), the first 12 correspond to the buttons in the editor. the rest can be set in Menu > Edit > Lua Scripts > Script Manager > Action Scripts

Hey Robin!
Once more: thx for super-fast help.
It worked like a charm! (I just had no clue what to search for!)

Just added a pull-request to update & improve the Ardour manual at this area:

…while also updating the whole section to 6.7 state of the GUI


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Damn… and after 1hr of work just to find out that github user MrHeadwar was faster than me… :slight_smile: He just yesterday created a Doc pull request with almost identical intention…

So, I guess I’ll withdraw mine… to avoid confusion at the Ardour team.
Sry. :man_shrugging:


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