Horizontal sliders for the bus sends in the mixer window

Doing a well balanced mix require frequent adjustments in the various parameters involved in each track/bus. The mixer window allows to change quickly volumes, pans, mute and so on, but the send amounts are not straightforwardly accessible, you have to click on a given send to reach its slider.

This has 2 drawbacks, first you don’t see from the mixer window the setting for each sends, obliging you to click just to know the information. Consequently you can’t have a global view for comparing several tracks send amounts. Secondly you have to constantly open/close the send windows just to make a few fine tuning, wich make things uneasy.

On classic mixer there is usually a few send knobs, this would be very handy to provide similar functionnality. So the idea of this proposal is to implement tiny adjustable horizontal sliders like theses (pardon the amaterish gimp art work):

Thx for Ardour 2.7.1 btw, i just made a little donation for Xmas :wink:


exactly! This would be very cool, time-saving and better to have an overlook over all levels.

In fact, I remember thorwil having the same idea a year ago or so if I’m not totally mixing up something. I can’t find the forum topic, but the idea was there. I don’t know if that’s already in Ardour 3-dev. Someone should find out (irc) and fill a feature request if not (not me at the moment, too busy).


we’ll be taking over the main “fader” for this in a3, along with many other changes to sends. it will be colorized to make it clear what its being used for.