Hope to remove windows support

Dear Ardour developers,
Thank you for your great job and here’s my advice for you.
I sincerely hope that you can remove windows support officially. Stop providing Windows binary and tell the whole world that Ardour only works on linux and mac

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Uhh… I’m not a Windows user, and I’m not an Ardour dev*, but I fail to understand what benefit would be derived from alienating a major fraction of computer users like that.

( *at least not yet, I keep thinking that I should contribute some code)


Ardour is free/libre software and does not discriminate against any users, regardless of the OS they use.


Why? Because it simply doesn’t work on Windows!

Yeah, but it’s apparently against windows users like me!

Please do not dissipate incorrect information.
Ardour is known to run on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (as do derivative projects).

Yes, it works fine on Windows 10. I was “forced” to use Windows because I wanted to use Albion1, and am very impressed and happy with how well Ardour and Mixbus perform on it.

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I’m sorry to hear that.

Rather than dismissing it outright, it would be great if you could provide some information how it fails. Does it start and crash? How far do you get?

Is there perhaps something unusual about your Windows system? Maybe a non-english language, username with umlauts? or perhaps a recent Windows 10 system with a “cloud only” home? What audio interface does your system have?

Do other DAWs work? How about a the soundfile editor https://www.audacityteam.org/ ?

Thank you for your patience,
I’m on windows7, LMMS and Audacity works fine. I try to start Ardour both from command line and gui but nothing happens. No interface, error message and other helpful infomation.
I’ve googled this for quite a long time and some threads in this forum discuss the same problems but nothing works.

Just wanna add that I am doing part of my tracking on Windows 10 (when I need the additional driver features of my RME USB interface that are unfortunately not available on Linux) without any major problems! I love to continue to work on these projects in Linux without any conversion issues - so I really love to have Ardour on Linux and Windows!

I work 100% in Windows with Ardour for both tracking and mixing. I would love to use it purely under Linux but there is world of VSTs that just will not work under Linux.

I’ve also had great success using Jack with Ardour under Windows (except for that fact that jackd, once launched, will not close).

Maybe try using jack on Windows or using AISO4ALL drivers?

Ardour is on the whole rock solid on Windows and I use it for tracking clients all the time.

60% of the time it works every time? :wink:

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This is mysterious. In cmd.exe at least a startup message should be printed.

Maybe try to remove the preferences (if any): In an explorer window go to %localappdata% (that expands to C:\users\YourUserName\appdata\local), remove the Ardour5 folder there. Then reboot and re-install Ardour.

Well what is 100% stable on Windows? :thinking:


Reaper (not a single crash in around 15 years of use). In the relatively short time I used Ardour and Mixbus on Windows, I don’t remember there ever being a crash either. Most of the time, I’m convinced it is hardware incompatibilities and/or faulty drivers (and occasionally windows updates :wink: ).

I’ve tried that, still no luck
Running from cmd.exe prints a few words, but they are not useful.

But what words? It may give a clue as to where in the startup process isn’t working.


Also a debug build from https://nightly.ardour.org/ might be helpful (demo is fine) Start > Ardour > Ardour (gdb) directly launches ardour in a debugger.

When Arodur hangs, return to the debugger window, press ctrl+c, then type thread apply all bt and press enter.

Some more info is at https://ardour.org/debugging_ardour

Thank you
I’ve tried the nightly version, it works perfectly…

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