"Hope" Preview 1

The first song to preview from my new album, “Hope”, is the title track, available here (http://t.co/sMXRDoI).

I wrote this song when we first heard the news that my wife, Megan, had cancer. I had, at the time, been working on the second and third albums in my “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll” album trilogy, but had lost the desire to work on something so superficial in light of this new development. Immediately, I began writing new songs. As the process began taking shape very quickly, I knew I would release all the new songs as an EP, for which the proceeds would be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. As their refrain, or slogan, has been “Hope”, I thought that a song with this title would be a fitting title track, and set to work creating it. I’m pleased with the result, and of course, hope you like it too. I must admit, though, that since Megan’s cancer has progressed since I wrote this, and she’s now had two surgeries and is undergoing chemo and radiation (starting yesterday), I feel like I’m singing this to myself now, as a sort of reminder to keep my chin up when things get tough.