HOPE DUB : one drop in ardour

Hello fellows !

Here is my last creation made this week.

As others it’s still midi driven material :sweat_smile:

Noizemak3r, Zasfx, Obxd and soundfont are inthere :wink:

Effects are TAL VERB, CALF comp & vintage delay and some Eq10q.

I hope you will enjoy the listen.

I will much appreciate comments/feedbacks , don’t be shy and tell me what you think of this material.

Grretings from France, à bientot !


Bright positive! It’s feel you’re skilled reggae producer! Сreates a cool mood, thanks!

excellent work. love this.

@cooltehno : thank you so much, I dont feel lile well skilled at reggae producing, just a guy trying to put his inspiration in music and share it, glad you like it

@paul : didnt expect neither you heared my sound nor you commented it :wink: glad too you liked it. I use your wonderfull soft since some weeks only as it afraid me a bit at first, but it s a masterpiece! Thanks for giving us floss users rhis wonderfull tool, big thanks to the team ardour!

Be sure i 'll continue sharing my works

As i m sticking with ardour I consider donate . Is it better to subscribe monthly with little regular amount or better one bigger shot?

We like subscriptions because they smooth out ups and downs in the revenue flow. But ultimately, it’s up to you, and we prefer you to have that choice.

I’ve been a huge fan of dub since I first stumbled across Augustus Pablo’s “West of the River Nile” sometime in the late 1970s. The form, structure and timbres of this piece are up there with the best of them. DO NOT STOP!

Sweeeeeed! I like the sound of it.

Woo, that there be some fat bass, dude. Not usually my musical style, but maybe it should be, LOL! I like the attention to detail, particularly with the subtle percussive bits in the background. There’s a neat ambience to this track. I feel like I want to hear some kind of vocal with it … I can’t decide if I want to hear something talky/reggae/rap or something more melodic. But either way, it’s clear you put a lot of work into this. Keep it up. The only constructive criticism I can think of right now is your roll-off at the end of your outro is just a little too abrupt. My ear wanted to hear just another second or so. But obvs that’s extremely negligible in the grand scheme of things.

Merci, thanks guys!

Indeed it is made as old dub, ie a reggae backing tracks that would have been given som effects :wink:

And I really would like to put some vocals on it, ragga or reggae style, but this lockdown broke some projects, but i m sure maybe this or next year I will give a test with vocalists , plus I may record my melodica, but my setup is midi, I only have a poor shure sm58 and no recording room, actually music is made in my living room :slight_smile: