Hook Up MIDI Controller to track

I got an Alesis Q49 MKII MIDI Controller here. Using MIDI-OX I checked the input in Win 10, all seems good.

I watched some videos.

one video showed:

Menu > Windows > MIDI Connections

Left vertical tabs: “Ardour Misc”, “Ardour Tracks” and “Other”. The controller was selected from “Other”.

Running Ardour 6.9.0, I do not have this “Other” tab!? Any Ideas?

Another video: Left Click on the left in the mixing panel on what currently says “Virtual keyboard”, in the video a dropdown appeared with all selectable controllers. On my end the Q49 controller is not listed.

I cannot find any further info on this. What am I missing here?


What settings are you using for Audio/MIDI setup (inside Ardour)?

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

On startup after selecting a session MIDI System was set to None. After changing this to the other option “WinMME” the MIDI Controller is visible and selectable.

Hi, slightly off topic but I also got an Alesis Q49 MKII.
The transport buttons (play, stop, record and the directional cross) can be configured either in Mackie, HUI or MIDI mode.

Just letting you know that if you intend to use the MIDI mode (default is Mackie), I’ve created the binding map and submitted it in the Ardour bug tracker, you can find it here: 0008850: Alesis Q49 MKII MIDI Control Surface binding file - Ardour Bug Tracker


That seems useful, I will see if I can get that to work, thank you!

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