Hollywood (Single) Entirely in Ardour

Hey Ardour forums,

I create my music exclusively in Free Open Source Software (or Bitwig)
Here’s one single released August 26th where I feel confident in my operation of the DAW as well as the OS, and every part of live audio and MIDI instrumentation and composition.

I may want to bump it up in the mastering, though it’s here now and I’m happy with how it’s sounding. Have a listen when you can! Couldn’t have done it without you Ardour team, AVLinux, and plugin peoples https://pureplasticthought.bandcamp.com/album/hollywood-single

I do use Proprietary software such as PT12, FabFilter, Waves plugins, and Mac OS for my clients, however I am about ready to introduce the FOSS studio as an option for them and hopefully just keep the 'ol prop software as a piece of recording history

Recording Specs:
Operating System: AVLinux
DAW: Ardour
Drumkit: Red Zeppelin
Microphone: Warbler from 3U Audio
Audiobox: Steinberg UR44

Plugins by Calf Audio, Ardour team, and Robin Gareus

PS There are more albums in acoustic, and other styles that are recorded and mixed with FOSS up on this site, labeled as such in the credits.