Hit me Baby one more time - Cover (Britney Spears)

Hello everybody !
I wish you a happy new year, hoping that we can start performing again in live music this year!

Here is a cover of the song: Hit me baby one more time
…with a musical arrangement by our band.

Made with Ardour 6 on Ubuntu 20.10.
Video editing with Kdenlive (latest vesion).
Some audio on Universal Audio Luna…because our guitarist is using an Apollo sound card (hope he will use Ardour soon, I’m trying to convince him but I’m not sure ardour can be used with Appolo cards.)

On this recording:
Martin guitar (John mayer signature)
Cascade Mic Fathead (Cajon back)
Neuman Tlm 103 and Akg C214 (vocals) and Km184 (Cajon front)
Cajon (Schlagwerk).
Video on Sony A7RIII (PP1 profile Movie) and Sigma Art 50mm.
Some Dobro guitar and Piano.

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Nice work, as usual !
Happy new year and crossing fingers for some live music in 2021 !!

Hi Thanks a lot Vincent !
Happy new year!

Great work, really well done!

Hi Pierre, Thanks a lot !