Himiko (Japanese music / Soundtrack)

Hi all,

since next week I’ll be back to Japan for work after my last trip there 5 years ago and I’m quite excited about it, I thought I’d use that as an opportunity to finally share this track with you all:

By “finally”, I mean I actually finished working on this track a year ago: it’s been in a shelf up to now since it’s meant as part of a larger project I still haven’t finished. Considering I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish it (rather than completing that, I’ve started another one in the meanwhile!), I thought I’d dust off this track instead and publish it right away.

All instruments (except for a synth pad played by Yoshimi) are SFZ instruments: this includes the orchestra (Virtual Playing Orchestra), the KOTO (UI Koto), Taiko Drums (SCC Taiko Drums), and Shamisen and Shakuhachi (DSK World Instruments). All of them are freely available, except the DSK ones which they provide as part of a paid set (they have a ton of free instruments too, though).

As usual, all scored with MuseScore and rendered/mixed/mastered in Ardour: while I’ve switched to Ardour 7 in the meanwhile (which I’m greatly enjoying), this track was still done in Ardour 6 since, again, it actually dates back to last year.

I hope you’ll enjoy this, looking forward to your thoughts!