Highlighting a scale in the piano roll?

Hello. Is there a way to highlight a particular scale in the piano roll? The midi editor does already highlight black and white notes differently so in my mind this would be a question of changing the rules of what notes are highlighted based on some configuration rather than hard coded values.

I am semi tempted to implement this myself but would first like to know if anyone has other solutions like Lua scripts or their own experiences in trying to implement this feature, and also I’d need to figure out how to get Ardour to build in the first place (on windows…)

Do you have some image or sketch on how you imagine that to look like?

No, but there are plans to make this possible in the future.
See also https://github.com/Ardour/ardour/pull/477#issuecomment-963681455


Do you think it’ll make 7.0?

Although this functionality is implemented, the remaining, much more difficult conceptual issue concerns what elements in a session can have a scale. There are arguments for it being a property of regions, files (sources), tracks, timeline ranges, “sections” and the whole session. I don’t intend to merge the GUI drawing part until we resolve this much deeper question.


The more classical approach to this would most likely be adding key signature markers (much like Ardour already does with tempo and time signature). This is already done in Helio, for example.

The “get this out quickly” approach might be to have a context menu on the piano roll header that toggles the scale for the given track and have it be ephemeral at runtime (like LMMS does) - not great but it’s a start.

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