High resolution audio visual

Does ardour have high resolution audio visuals when on the editor section.

It’s not really clear what this question means. Maybe ask it a different way?

The audio view of my audio tracks, is there a way to increase the size quality/resolution of the view, some daws have higher detail accuracy

Well, you can zoom up to one pixel per physical screen, isn’t that enough (or much too much)?
Elsewhat you may try and buy and use a bigger screen? Elsewot noluk :wink:
(somehow quite tongue in cheek post but I’m really curious about the real inner question behind?)

As noted, you can zoom to 1 sample-per-pixel. I had a debate with a product manager from Waves who thought we should go “lower” than this (e.g. 10 pixels per sample), and I refused. I don’t see any justification for every going “lower” than 1 pixel per sample, and in addition, there’s no particular meaning to be associated with whatever you draw when try to zoom in “lower” than that.

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