High-end pro-audio plug-ins for Linux

Applied Computer Music Technologies (developers of the OverTone range of plug-ins) have some plug-ins developed especially for Linux audio workstations at www.acmt.co.uk

V2.00 updates have just been released, so, if you’ve had enough of photo-realistic skeuomorphic UIs, but still want all the visual cues in a clean, modern, fully resizable UI layout, these could be just what you need. Demos are available free to download, available in VST2 format for Linux.


Do they have any difference in sound compared to EQ500 and DYN500 from overtonedsp?

The EQ filters are improved, and the boost / cut ranges are different (also note that the bandwidth control is now replaced by Q) so while this doesn’t mean it sounds radically different, it makes dialling in the more common EQ parameters easier. Essentially its been ‘tuned’ differently. Additionally there is a highpass option for better LF control.

Similarly, the dynamics (ACM510) is aligned more to a conventional analogue reference (it was an early design decision with the DYN500 to align it to more ‘digital’ levels, which has worked fine for most users, but does require some adjustment of thinking / gain structure if you’re more used to analogue gear), so it means the threshold, ratio / compression behaviour on the 510 is going to be different - as is the overdrive once the compressor finally runs out of headroom.

The compressor also includes a highpass which can be switched into the side-chain. The ACM-2A (not shown) has an improved transformer emulation, so again the analogue ‘character’ is slightly different.

I’ve been wanting to see what could be done with several modifications to the original OverTone plug-ins, developed over the years, but without wanting to spoil the character of the originals, which many users value - so this is an opportunity to try that out, together with a refreshed UI scheme - and Linux seemed like the best platform to use - especially given the direction taken by some other OS / platforms commonly used for music production.

(sorry for the long post - in short, yes there are some changes :slight_smile: )


Long post appreciated actually Mike. Out of curiosity, for people like myself that work cross platform, does this mean that eventually these may get released for other platforms (Design decisions by said platforms notwithstanding)?


@seablade - There aren’t any plans for cross-platform at the moment (with Ardour6 and increasingly solid Linux support now available from some commercial DAW developers, I’m really hoping that Linux can - finally - begin to take its rightful place for pro-audio). So in a way this is my bet on that happening.

That’s also - in part - why it felt right to make these available through what was normally the more business to business side of my company. To explain that a bit more, of course they’re available to anyone, but they’re pitched more as tools for audio professionals - maybe looking to move to Linux - who just want to get the job done.


Understood, and it will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next decade (Or 5 years) certainly. I would still say thank you for the bet, and I am hoping you come out on top for it.


Picked up the ACM510 this evening, sounds nice. Big fan of the clean interface. Will be testing it out on a few shows this week.

That’s awesome! I bought the linux versions of dyn500 and eq500 and they are great high quality plugins, so I am sure these are even better!

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